10 Gifts You Should NEVER Give

Gifting can be fun, daunting, exhausting or just plain annoying depending on your personality type. But irrespective of how you feel about it, there are certain sacrosanct boundaries that cannot, nay, MUST NOT be crossed while gifting. Irrespective of who the celebrated recipient of your affections is, certain items fall in a strict ‘No Gift Zone’. If you decide to venture out into it, then do so at your own risk!

Here are a few that have been proven hazardous to relationships:

1. Lingerie

This is a HORRIBLE gift to give to anyone except your significant other. Even then, it has the potential to get you into a sticky situation


2. Candles

No one really wants candles as a present. Even the people who actually use them!


3. Perfume

As expensive as it may be, nothing says ‘I don’t really know you well enough to know what to buy you’ like a perfume.


4. Stuff With Photographs On It

Including but not limited to coffee mugs, t-shirts, cake, towels, bed sheets and any and all such paraphernalia. I mean come on, are you 10 years old?


5. Motivational Stuff

The world does not need one more motivational framed poster or inspiring message coffee mug. Positivity is acceptable in non clichéd doses only!


6. Personalized Stationary

Most people tend not to forget their names, so having them inscribed on pens, notebooks, calendars, mouse pads etc. is kind of a moot exercise.


7. Kitchen Things

Fancy pans, crockery, cutlery, mixers, air fryers… no one needs that kind of negativity in the age of dine in apps.


8. Stuffed Animals

Even if it’s for a 5 year old, this one’s a hard no.


9. Homemade Gifts

These are the worst! Especially when the other person spent real money on your present!


10. Books

It’s the age of Kindles, iPads and technology. Does anyone really buy books anymore?


So if you value or even mildly care about the recipient of your gift, we strongly recommend steering clear of all of the above things.

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