10 Stereotypes That Women Are Sick Of

Are you a woman? Then you’ve probably been the recipient of these comments / expectations / presumptions on numerous occasions. As infuriating as they might be, the way most women usually deal with them is by politely ignoring them while fuming on the inside. Not anymore because we’ve decided to help you celebrate your womanhood and #BreakGenderStereotypes

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So let’s start with #BreakingGenderStereotypes

  • Women can’t function while they’re PMS’ing

We run the house, work, exercise and do a 100 more things while experiencing physical discomfort. We’d love to meet a man who can manage to do the same. Or a man who can just multitask, period.


  • Women don’t like sports

Don’t assume that we think Zumba is a sport! Whether it’s cricket, football or even tennis, loads of women enjoy watching a game with a cold beer in hand and it’s not because we ‘think that the athletes are hot’!!!


  • Women should fit a physical stereotype

Why should we be subjected to unrealistic physical standards set by models and actresses while men are comfortably allowed to bald and develop beer bellies? You’re only allowed to comment on our weight if you have a six-pack and a decent head of hair.


  • Women should know how to cook

Most of the best chefs today are men. Case closed.


  • Women can’t handle high functioning jobs

Indra Nooyi, Chanda Kochhar, Kalpana Chawla, Barkha Dutt, Kiran Bedi, Sania Mirza, Mary Kom. These women make most men feel like under achievers?


  • Women only drink fruity cocktails

All men assume that women gather to drink Cosmo’s and dish about their love lives. Truth is, we enjoy a good single malt or a nicely brewed beer just as much, and a lot of us can drink a lot of you under the table.


  • Women cry a lot

It’s true that women have higher EQ’s and are more in touch with their emotions then men. But that doesn’t mean we burst into tears every time we see a puppy, have a hard day at work or when our favourite TV character dies.


  • A woman’s main priority is to get married

Truth be told, happiness, self-satisfaction, independence and success are wayyy more important than being tied down to a dude.


  • Women wear makeup and dress nicely for men

We actually do it ALL for ourselves. Do you think a man can tell the difference between a MAC and a Bobbi Brown lipstick? Oh please!


  • All women want to be skinny

We want to be fit and healthy. Also, we love chicken wings, burgers and pizza as much as the next dude.


So this Women’s Day take a stand and #BreakGenderStereotypes and celebrate your womanhood!

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