10 things that cross every gift shopper’s mind

So your best friend’s birthday is coming up. Yayy! Right? Wrong! You’ve received death threats from her regarding the thoughtless, impractical and downright senseless gifts you have been giving her every year. And it seems your luck may run out soon. So how do you save yourself from the impending doom? Well, for starters, you head out to a mall, hoping that it will magically resolve all your miseries. Nice try, but be warned. These 10 (seemingly random) thoughts will make you question this decision of yours:

  • Wait, these shops weren’t there the last time I was here.


  • Which shop do I enter first? They all look the same!


  • How much is she expecting me to spend here?


  • These earrings are too hideous to be THAT expensive.


  • Will she be mad if I got her a teddy bear?


  • Ooh, those shoes would look so good on me!


  • Did I pass this shop earlier? Am I going round in circles?


  • Maybe I can get away by making a card for her.


  • Why doesn’t she just tell me what she wants!


  • I regret coming here.


So after spending the whole day in a haze of anxiety, you achieved literally nothing. But fear not. While you were imagining her judgemental eyes boring into your soul, we did the job for you. Get her a Zokudo eGift card and let her choose what she wants! While she remains awestruck in the presence of our dazzling collection of brands, you can make yourself comfortable in her good books


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