5 Last Minute Gift Fails That Will Make You Laugh

These last minute gifting stories are so bad, that they’re good!

1. ‘We were on our way to wish a friend on her birthday, it was 11.30 pm and nothing was open except a 24/7 chemist. We decided to make the best out of the situation and bought a box of imported chocolates. After the cake cutting, my friend’s mom decided to open the box and offer them to everyone. When we opened them, the chocolates were covered in mold. We were so embarrassed.’


2. ‘I forgot to buy my co-worker his Secret Santa present and remembered only an hour before everyone was to exchange gifts. Since I was at work, and couldn’t go last minute shopping, I had to improvise and order him a pizza. He was not impressed.’


3. ‘I showed up for a dinner at my boyfriends house empty handed. When I realized everyone had brought something, I pretended that I had forgotten my gift in the car and ran down to bring it. I couldn’t waste time since they were waiting for me to start dinner. The only store near his house was a grocery shop. So I ended up bringing 5 packets of chips, dips and diet cokes to a formal dinner!’


4. ‘We didn’t know what to get our friend on her wedding and couldn’t unanimously decide until the last minute. So on the way to the wedding we all put money in an envelope and handed it to her. She was super angry at our lack of effort.’


5. ‘I made the ultimate baby shower present faux pas. I didn’t remember to get a present until the last minute, and obviously was strapped for time, ideas and a total lack of options. I ended up buying a really expensive bottle of champagne from a wine shop on the way to the shower. Ironically, she can’t drink alcohol for a while. Worst gift ever!’


So, moral of the story – If you want to avoid the embarrassment that comes with buying crappy gifts at the last minute, gift a Zokudo e-Gift card instead! All you need is a phone / laptop, a card and the recipient’s mobile number, and in less than 5 minutes you’ll have sent them a Zokudo e-Gift card for one of their favourite brands!


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