5 Unique Ideas for The Perfect Diwali Gift

You can’t think of Diwali gifts and not think of mundane mithai boxes that no one really eats, unsightly dry fruit hampers that lie around the house for days, or even worse, ghastly crockery bowls that ALL of us have re-gifted at some point. Impersonal gifts are the worse, but who has the time to sit and personalise gifts for loads of friends & family on an occasion like Diwali? Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you could give them exactly what they want without going through the hassle of figuring out what THAT is? Well now you can do that with just a click.

Seinfeld Gift

Up your game this year and break the monotony of Diwali gifting with an e-gift card from Zokudo that offers your loved ones the gift of choice.

  • Who doesn’t like pampering?

Remember the days when you felt that holiday season was the most peaceful time of your life? Being spoilt beyond reason with food, festivities and the freedom to sit back and relax. Bring back the essence of a relaxed holiday by choosing a luxurious spa treatment for the special ones in your life.

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  • Awaken the adventurer!

We all have that one friend who tries to convince everyone to go white water rafting or bungee jumping. Sadly, he always ends up being disappointed as his spontaneity and enthusiasm is often met with ‘Dude, are you crazy?’ Surprise that thrill seeking friend this Diwali by giving him the unique gift of an adrenaline rush that he would truly appreciate – a  breath-taking, heart-thumping adventure experience that would leave him feeling awestruck.

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  • Those who celebrate together, stay together.

Whether its that spoilt cousin who only wants designer brands, your indecisive brother who keeps changing his Diwali wish list constantly or your confused mother who refuses to make up her mind about exactly what she wants for Diwali, its an impossible task to please them all. Make your life easier and enrich theirs with a unique group gifting experience and give them memories that they’ll cherish for a long time. Or at least till the next big occasion!

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  • Dine in style

Looking for a corporate gift that counts? Treating your coworkers / employees to a lavish gastronomical experience is your answer! Who would love anything more than to settle down to a five course brunch, or perhaps a live sushi counter to nudge them out of their culinary comfort zone. Defy the Diwali gifting norm this year and choose to gift a luxurious dining experience from a list of carefully curated restaurants.

Chocolate Dessert

  • Fitness to the rescue

Indian festivals equal copious amounts of food, and Diwali is no different with its abundance of sweets and lavish meals. We all tend to let loose and indulge in a little binge eating during the holiday season  and feel guilty later on. Let your gift be meaningful, give your loved ones a solution to knock of that holiday weight and get back into shape by way of a fun Zumba class or an exciting silk arial Yoga session.

gif 5

So here’s your chance to break out of the boring old mould of traditional gifting, to stand out and make your gift count. Let your loved ones enjoy the freedom to choose, to look forward to and to enjoy their gifts this Diwali with a Zokudo e-gift card.


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