A Guide to the World’s Worst Wedding Gift ideas

Being a guest at any wedding can be fun. After all, you’re not the one getting married, so all you need to do is get dress up, get there and eat the free food right? Well, not quite.

The biggest nightmare of attending a wedding lies in choosing the right gift for the perfect couple. They say it’s the thought that counts, but not necessarily when it comes to buying a wedding present.


Here are the hidden messages that your terrible gifts are sending across. Consider yourself warned!

  • Home appliances – A friendly reminder that married life sucks. Just like this cheap vacuum cleaner


  • Flowers – There never has and never will be a clearer indicator of cheapness.


  • Crockery – One can never have too many plates, or can they?


  • Matching stuff – You both look so adorable together. Just like siblings.


  • Paintings – Because every home deserves some ugly artwork.


  • Marriage advice – A polite way of saying ‘You’re doomed’


  • Utensils – We know neither of you can cook. #JustSaying


  • Envelope filled with money – We ran out of imagination. Also, you really weren’t worth the effort.


So stop pissing off newlyweds with crappy gifts, because the happy couple might not have got the freedom to choose each other, so atleast give them the privilege of choosing the gift that they want!

Stop wasting your money on useless things – get them a personalized wedding eGift card from Zokudo and let them choose from a range of amazing brands and experiences for their unique wedding gift.


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