Achieving New Year resolutions was never this easy

We can all agree to the fact that 2016 was indeed a roller coaster ride. While the year is FINALLY coming to an end, everyone is getting overly emotional about the passing of another year, along with acting way too serious about becoming a better person in 2017. Enter ‘New Year resolutions’. The promise of making the most of each day of the year. Well, we all know how that’s gonna end. We make them, we break them. You know these resolutions come with an expiry date, right?

The thing is, it’s hard to implement these resolutions. It’s not impossible, but it’s hard. Now imagine how great it would be if there was something to urge you on, every time you’re about to break a resolution. That’s what Zokudo is here for. Have a look at these New Year resolutions and the gifts which will definitely help your friends fulfil their resolutions this time.

  • To be more adventurous

We all have that one friend who’s always cribbing about how dull her life has become. She constantly complains about wanting to go out, be spontaneous and have the time of her life, but is either too busy or too lazy to actually do any of those things. So why not get her a Tao Experiences eGift card and watch her chase her dreams of being adventurous!


  • To try a new look

This is the guy who has had the same old haircut since the 90’s. He desperately needs a makeover more than anything else. And because he never changes his look, he’s a bit sceptical about the whole idea. So as the ‘New year, new me’ trend goes, we have a Truefitt and Hill eGift card for this friend of yours. Self-indulgence is what 2017 should be about.

Truefitt and Hill

  • To become fit

These are the laziest individuals of the group. They devotedly want to change their habits and embrace a life of fitness and health but have no clue how to achieve these goals. So nudge them in the right direction with an eGift card from Nike! They won’t be able to come up with any more lame excuse after they get this gift.


  • To try new things

These are the best kind! Change is always good and everyone deserves a little something that excites them. Having something new to look forward to every day, is certainly the best gift anyone can get. So how about a Hakkasan eGift card for your friend? They’ll get to try some Michelin-starred cuisine to get their new year started. It doesn’t get any better than this.


  • To travel more

These are the ones who write ‘wanderlust’ in literally every bio. These folks make huge plans to travel the world and end up backing out at the very last moment because of *insert lame excuses*. So this time, let’s make sure that their plan succeeds by gifting them the vacation they deserve! A Thomas Cook eGift card would be the perfect way of making this possible.


  • To learn cooking

So they got hooked to that one MasterChef episode and thought to themselves, ‘I can totally do this’. Determined, they headed to the kitchen and destroyed half of their house. But this didn’t hamper their cooking spirit. They still carry the hope of cooking their own meal one day. Well, we have just the right thing. A Palate Culinary Studio eGift card is what they need so that they can learn to cook and treat you with yummilicious meals!


  • Anything for that matter!

Whatever may be the resolution, just get them an eGift card from Zokudo! If it doesn’t go with their resolution, they can swap it for whatever they want. Yes, they get the luxury to pick whatever they want with Zokudo’s swap feature. Now that’s something they can’t say no to. Right?


Okay, who are we kidding? We all know that New Year resolutions are meant to be broken, but at least your friends will have these wonderful gifts to start their year with. So gift your friends a New Year they’ll never forget with Zokudo eGift cards. Who knows, they’ll actually end up keeping their resolutions till the end of the year.


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