Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Surely you want to make the day special for your partner by giving him a perfect gift. Now unless you want to wind up with hastily chosen gifts, time has come to think what would be the best Valentine’s gifts for him. Usually, it is perceived that compared to gift for women, there are fewer choices for gifts for men. That’s why women are lost when it comes to choosing a good Valentine’s Day gifts. Shopping for special gifts for her boyfriend or husband can get confusing. Buying gifts for your loved ones have been always daunting, and buying a Valentines gift for boyfriend, is even harder. But not any more…Whether you want to go for classic Valentine’s Day gifts or float with the wave of trendy gifting ideas like e-Gift cards or there is plenty to choose from. Whatever your taste and choice may be, following are few amazing gift ideas for Valentine’s Day presents.

  • Break free From the Routine

It’s time to let your hair down and spend some quality time together on the hobbies you love. For those who love to have an adventurous trip, gift your beloved an experience of a lifetime with Tao Experiences. You can enjoy Quad biking, fun games and if your partner is a cricket fanatic, let him indulge in a game of cricket at Tao…or simply let him bask in the luxury and pamper himself…He’ll thank you for this a million times, guaranteed! You can know more about these experiences by visiting our website at


  • Take Him to a Fancy Restaurant

Those who have foodie partners, you can go ahead and tickle their taste buds with lipsmacking delicacies. A great Valentine’s Day gift would be to take him to a lavish 4 course exotic dinner at Yauatcha or to a lazy brunch where the 2 of you can share private moments in great ambience at Hakkasan. Check out our special offers on fine dining and make him feel special. After all, the way to your beloved’s heart is through the stomach and with awesome delicacies he is surely going to with a hearty meal and with the special offers you get value for money deal.


  • Smell of New Clothes

If women love shopping and being fashionista, men are no exception. If women buy new clothes as Valentine’s presents for her partner, it will surely impress her boyfriend or husband. You can gift shirts, T-shirts, suits, blazers, as per your partner’s choice. Why not make him feel the luxury of Versace shirts or a blazer of Paul Smith, Van Heusen, Louis Philippe or make him feel super cool with Gas jeans.


  • Luxury Watches

If diamonds are for women, luxury watches are a man’s best friend. You can never go wrong with this one. Why not go for a Fossil wrist watch or any other branded name? There are ample choices available from timeless classics to the modern designs. You also have a wide variety of belts to choose from.


  • Fragrance of Love

Perfumes are surefire mood enhancers and what better way to uplift the mood of your man than by gifting him world class fragrances. From strong woody and musk to subtle fragrances, choose one that suits your beloved’s personality!


  • Accessories

If you’ve still not decided on the perfect gift, here’s an entire list of accessories that you can gift your beloved. Depending on the tastes and preferences of your beloved, you can choose from a wide range of accessories like ties, belts, cufflinks, wallets, leather briefcase, pen etc., that would definitely make your partner happy.


If you want to let your partner make the decision as to what brand or type of gifts he wants from you, give him the gift of Zokudo eGift cards the most hassle-free way to gifting for both the gift giver and the recipient. With the websites like Zokudo, India’s first swappable eGift card platform made available to modern women, she’ll definitely be spoilt for choice when selecting Valentine’s Day ideas for her partner.


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