Here come the wedding bells: a luxe gift-guide

Sweet wedding bliss is all around the block! The bride and groom may seem least dispersed with close-knits running around to make all the magic happen, but there seem to be two pressing subjects concerning you deeply – Impeccable dinner plating, and yes, memorable presents for the couple. Ah, yes, don’t even question it.

Here’s an exercise – Bring out your notebook and scribble your coolest, most luxurious wedding gift idea and take note of the time and effort it takes to be gift-ready. If done, scroll down to find your look-no-further solutions with a Zokudo eGift card.

(1) Think love-for-life dresses:

Think love-for-life dresses

We know you have taste, and how badly you wish to get the bride something that’ll be her go-to dress for cocktail brunches – but fit issues tread the lines of bothersome, don’t they? The Mini Length dress with silver and gloss embroidery is our favorite piece that she could pick and claim as her own at the Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna boutique!

(2) A sweet escape:

A Sweet Escape

It’s tough to shun notions that claim chocolate to be a fix for everything, seriously everything – gladly, wedding presents are taking the saccharine route this year with exclusive dark chocolates by De ’Arco Chocolatier and handcrafted Belgian Chocolates by Nordic Kandie. If you’ve bought those snooze-worthy mithai boxes, we suggest that you get rid of them immediately.

(3) He can work the swing:

He can work the swing

The groom, with the hottest buzz cut, and a string of good looking business friends that threw him a Bachelor party in Barbados comes with super-cool hobbies that add interest to his already-fabulous life. It might have been something you wouldn’t have otherwise considered, but an eGift card of beautifully made golf accessories by TaylorMade will certainly add a touch of luxury to his game – going straight to golf-insider’s- VIP- card holders’ next must-get list.

(4) Think lady-like flicks:

Think lady like flicks

The demure figure of beauty is the center of wedding attention this year. Pre-wedding ceremonies, girls’ nights out, and all those couture appointments can be the cause of that unsightly frizz – a moment that makes you sit back, and rethink your boring Tea Set. We like the idea of an Express Ritual with a haircut at Jean Claude Biguine to make the bride look her chicest best on her big day.

(5) The decor dilemma:

The decor dilemma

The newly – wed duo is aware that they’ll be graced with décor items – the ones that would never feature in their swanky new apartment, not even that brass horse you picked up at the flea market. Add the colonial charm of the Linear Sofa or Curved Side table by Casa Ivorié, that they can cherry-pick to restyle their home.

Meal vouchers and Travel carry-alls – they might be tempting, easy wedding present options, but it’s time to switch to a current aspect of luxe eGifting – presents that get delivered within seconds!


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