Cringe Worthy Yet Hilarious Re-gifting Stories

Ever put off going gift shopping until the very last moment? Ever been too lazy to go shop for a gift? Ever been too pressed for time to buy a gift? Ever totally forgotten to buy a gift? We’ve all been guilty of one or more of the above. And while we’re only human, these horrid scenarios usually lead to an unforgivable sin. The sin of re-gifting!

Well, gifting can be tricky, is usually time consuming and let’s face it – no one REALLY enjoys it. We’ve all been guilty of re-gifting, and so many of us have faced the shame of being caught. But, if you’re feeling bad about your gifting prowess or lack thereof, these re-gifting horror stories shared by our readers (identities kept anonymous for obvious reasons) are definitely going to crack you up.

  • You’ve Been Framed!

‘At my wedding shower, I received a beautifully wrapped gift from my college friend Priya who was a newlywed herself at the time. I unwrapped the package and in it was a gorgeous, carved sterling silver photo frame. I exclaimed in delight at the extravagant gift while Priya beamed with pride. A moment later, I turned it over and saw the inscription – ‘Congratulations Priya & Rahul’. Priya hasn’t been able to look me in the eye ever since.’ – Anonymous.


  • Point Noted

‘I was helping my then boyfriend move homes last summer. While packing up his room, he casually asked me if I wanted some unused notebooks, which was going to throw away. I said yes and he handed me a beautiful leather bound set. The exact set that I had gifted him for his birthday that year. I discarded him before he could discard my gift!’ – Anonymous.


  • Mother Chucker

‘Generosity is not one of my mother in law’s strong suites. So when she gifted me a vintage sari for my 35th birthday, needless to say I was shocked. I proudly wore it to a family function during which my sister in law asked me why I was wearing old clothes that she had asked her mother to give away. That was the last thing I ever accepted from my mother in law.’ – Anonymous.


  • Cheap Much?

‘I have a cousin who lives in New York, works in fashion and thinks no end of herself. Once her vacation plans happened to coincide with my birthday. She made a huge deal about gifting me a designer dress that cost loads of dollars in front of all my friends and family during my birthday dinner. I went home, checked out the dress, which had lipstick stains and stank of BO. I even saw photos of her in the dress on Facebook.’ – Anonymous.


  • Santa’s Dirty Secret

‘Our office plays Secret Santa every Christmas. Last year I received an expensive box of chocolates from one of my colleagues. The box had been opened and then repackaged clumsily, and a lot of the chocolates had fingerprints on them. She better hope I’m not her Secret Santa next year!’ – Anonymous.


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