Does Your Man Stay In The Safety Zone?

Men don’t particularly enjoy shopping – especially when it’s for a woman. Some men also dislike buying gifts for women. But what ALL men really, really fear and/or hate is buying the wrong gift and then facing the wrath of a woman!

There are some men out there, the dare devils, the ones who’ll buy an impromptu trip to Goa or the ones who’ll spontaneously buy a pure bred puppy. They’re the risk takers, fearless of the reprehensions that their choices may bring. But these men are a rare breed; because most men fear that they’ll get it wrong and piss off their ladylove. They like to play it safe and make sure their woman loves her gift, even if it lacks the element of surprise.
Is your man sticking to the safety zone? There’s only one way to find out!

  • He takes you to buy your present.

Hello! You can go to the mall and shop for yourself. You don’t need a sugar daddy to take you on a shopping spree and he should know that!

  • He asks you to tell him what you want.

Umm, excuse me but where’s the element of surprise in that? He needs to do a little work and pick up the hints you’ve been dropping. No one should have it that easy!

  • He offers to buy your full online shopping cart

Just because we have stuff in our shopping carts that we’re hoping to buy at some point doesn’t mean we necessarily want that stuff as presents! Where’s the effort bro?

  • He asks your BFF/sibling for help

Isn’t he supposed to know you the best? Not cool! And they’re probably going to rat him out anyway. If so, he totally deserves it!

  • He buys you something generic

This is the WORST kind of playing it safe! Generic gifts are for cousins you don’t know anything about, office colleagues that you exchange pleasantries with and just about anyone you don’t care enough to make an effort with.

So if your man is doing any / all of the above, then it’s time to slap him with a reality check! In his head: He thinks he’s taking the safe way out to make sure he pleases you. Reality: his lack of effort and spontaneity is more irritating off than receiving the wrong gift.

So, instead of playing it safe and managing to be offensive anyway (who wouldn’t be?), it’s time to start giving Zokudo e-gift cards instead? With tons of brands and experiences to choose from and the ability to swap between them, there’s something there for every kind of woman.


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