A family affair – eGifting at its most luxurious

The rise in temperature makes balmy March an event with Zokudo – fun vacations, frequent dinners, pampering that’s pushed to the T, and of course, exchange of adorable gifts to celebrate your family. Sounds eventful, eh? It certainly is – think ‘catching up with mom – time’ over a foot massage, followed by helping her pick a piece of art for her newly styled home, or surprising your brother with fancy golf accessories when he flies down just to join your birthday party. There’s plenty such occasions that are worth making special.

Bombay Shirt Company

There’s no better feeling than seeing your dad ace the S/S ‘16 game with a bespoke shirt as a present for planning an impromptu trip to Japan. You’ve got to check out Bombay Shirt Company to pick his couture experience.

Warren Tricomi

The sister has just about a month left before she leaves the country to study. Catch her off guard with a happy SMS as you send her an eGift card of Warren Tricomi – a marvellous experience that will let her flaunt the Jennifer Lawrence look that she’s been eyeing since the Oscars.


The last wedding bells seem to be louder than ever. Your wife never repeats her clothes, so why would she repeat her jewellery, especially when her BFF is getting hitched? Graceful jewels by Amaris are hand crafted for the modern day lady – so spoil her silly!

Anita Dongre

Your parents have cracked the love code with frequent treats and presents for each other. Just as they get back from dinner that took your mom three weeks to reserve, startle them with an eGift card of Anita Dongre for her, and a pair of English shoes by Church’s for him – a perfect way to say ‘You’re the cutest couple, and I’m lucky to have such wonderful parents!’


The philanthropic uncle, who visits often with a bottle of your favorite champagne, is in Delhi for a charitable event. With Zokudo, you can donate to the charitable organization on his behalf to show that you care – a sweet gesture, all in the click of an eGift button.

After all, the best, most precious gifts always come handy to show your familia that you heart them!


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