Extravagant beginnings with Zokudo

In the incredibly fast paced and luxury driven world, sometimes, you’ve just got to splurge!

From party-chic social circles, to intimate families who love prodigious affairs, there’s reason aplenty to master the art of gifting. We call it an art as it takes tremendous attention to detail, an eye for style, and a reflection of your taste that resonates with your presents. It may not be baffle-worthy, but certainly lets you drift away from passé flowers and the ordinary.

Zokudo is India’s first luxury gifting platform that lets you adapt a contemporary, up-to-the-minute spin on the classic hamper. It’s inevitable that an extremely significant occasion might surface when you least expect it. Despite which, it isn’t impossible to provide an exclusive experience that is both – extremely personal and memorable. To season it with love, we customize every occasion where the recipient of your e-gift can handpick the brand and receive the present of choice.

Ifyou find yourself pressed for time, pick a brand from our marvelous assortment and let your loved ones take the bespoke experience to a whole new level of couture, or spa-heaven. If they change their mind and desire another brand, there is always an option to switch it for one of their liking, or re-gift it to friends and family.

Zokudo houses some of the most luxurious brands that are thoughtfully curated to meet the desires of men who like to rise above the customary, women who are obsessed with the finer things in life, and kids who love swank – unique finds that make way for sweet indulgences, on every occasion.

Extravagant beginnings with Zokudo

Not only do e-gifts save your precious time, they’re instantly delivered via email and SMS that help you join our eco-friendly circle! From inspiring you with bespoke group gifting ideas, to letting you extend your generosity with a donation to a charitable organization of your choice…we provide exceptional features like no other – including a gift registry that your loved ones will be exceedingly elated about!

Extravagant beginnings with Zokudo

Be it a birthday, or a graduation present, or even putting together your dream wish list, it’s the perfect timeto #GiftABrand through Zokudo.


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