Find The Right Wedding Gift For Every Type Of Couple

No matter what the happy couple is like, you can’t go wrong with these wedding presents.

If you’re not the one getting married this season, you definitely have friends who are. And not just one or two, there’s a whole army of brides and grooms ready to tie the knot. And here you are. Sitting in front of your wardrobe, unsuccessfully trying to pick an outfit for the 1000th wedding you’re attending this weekend. Add to that, the stress of buying a wedding gift and what you get is panic attacks. Relax. It’s not the end of the world, yet. We have the perfect gifting solution for your wedding gift dilemma. And when we say perfect, we mean it. Here’s a detailed analysis of types of couples getting married and what should you get for them.

  • The Tinder Chronicle

Ah, the new age tinder couple. They believe in having fun. They don’t like playing by the rules. They have their own way of expressing the undying love they have for each other. Their new age love story deserves an equally modern wedding gift. Get them a Palate Culinary Studio e-gift card from Zokudo so they can spice up their married life with some couples cooking.


  • The High School Sweethearts

They’re the ones who met in high school, a million years ago and have finally decided to get married. They are the best of friends who know each other better than they know themselves. Their love is traditional, timeless and has weathered many a storm. We have just the right gift for them – a Ravissant e-gift card from Zokudo so that they can begin to build their new life with some gorgeous home décor.


  • The Corporate Drama

This is the mystery couple of the office. Are they dating? Are they not? They kept everyone wondering about their relationship status for months before finally announcing their wedding. So after all that sneaking around and keeping secrets, this mystery couple has rightfully earned a well deserved break. And what’s a better way too relax than at a luxurious spa hotel in the midst of nature? Give them a Zokudo e-gift card for Ananda Spa and let them unwind in peace.


  • The Wedding Affair

Wedding season brings out the hopeless romantic in everyone. Right? This couple attended every wedding of the season and unsurprisingly fell in love at one. They believe in love at first sight because that’s how they fell for each other. Give them a Zokudo e-gift card for Rohit and Rahul so that they can continue to attend weddings together in stylish outfits.


  • The Social Network

These are the social butterflies who flit from party to party. They stumbled upon each other during a round of their never ending socializing and ended up falling in love. They have 500 party invitations every weekend and now they have each other to attend them with. Give them a Zokudo e-gift card for Versace and help them look fabulous for the upcoming social season.


  • Punch-drunk Love

No matter how much they deny it, we all know how this couple met. They stumbled across each other in a drunken haze at a bar and the rest, as they say, is history. So this couple is laid back, likes to live in the moment and follows their hearts. Give them a Zokudo e-gift card for Thomas Cook so that they can impulsively take off for a romantic getaway when the mood strikes.


  • The Fitness Saga

These are the annoying gym enthusiasts. They make sure their day starts with a thousand push ups and a protein shake. They practically live in the gym and are prone to get offended if you ever point out their unhealthy obsession with fitness. So play safe and get them a Nike eGift card from Zokudo, because they’re guaranteed to love it.


  • Stranger Things

Their parents were the ones to play cupid to bring them together. They’re firm believers of family and togetherness and hold traditions in high regard. While they’re still trying to get to know each other, you might want help alleviate that awkward process by giving them a Zokudo e-gift card for Spa L’Occitane. They’re bound to become relaxed and open up over couples massages.


  • The Adrenaline Rush

This is the adventure loving couple. They probably met while they were backpacking through Dharamshala. They never say no to anything and are always down for some adventure. They light up the room with their crazy travel stories. So what better gift than a Tao Experiences eGift card from Zokudo? They can go on their first post-marriage adventure together!


This wedding season, give the unique couple a gift that truly define their personalities with the help of Zokudo.


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