Gifting Fails: Boyfriends Who Didn’t Get The Hint

If you’re a woman, you know exactly what you want, well, at least in the gift department. Come birthday or anniversary, we’ve all been guilty of manipulation, subtle or otherwise to ensure that our partner gets the message about what we’re coveting at that moment. Leaving magazines around the house that are open on the page of a certain handbag that you want – subtle. Telling your partner just how much you adore your best friend’s new bracelet – smart. Constantly talking about a pair of heels that you’re dying for – direct. Going all out and sending him screenshots of all your favorite things – plain desperate. These are the kind of insinuations that all women are guilty of resorting to to get the perfect gift. But the question is, do their partners get the hint?  You’re about to find out!

1. Spa:

‘I was dying to try out a luxurious, expensive facial at this particular fancy spa. I kept telling my boyfriend about it, its treatments & also shared with him the benefits of getting a facial, specifically how it can slow down the process of ageing. I thought that he had got the hint, but he hadn’t. He gave me a tub of anti ageing cream on my birthday. His reasoning: if I was worried about ageing it would be cheaper to use cream everyday instead of getting one expensive facial!’


2. Investment:

‘Like any woman, I love jewelry & I thought I deserved some on my 5th anniversary. I spoke incessantly about how much I loved my friend’s imaginary diamond bracelet to my thick boyfriend so that he got the hint. I also tried to appeal to his practical side by telling him how diamonds & gold are appreciating assets and make a great investment for the future. On our anniversary he handed me the papers to a fixed deposit and tells me that he found a safer investment.’


3. Makeup:

‘I love makeup and wanted my boyfriend to get me some on Valentine’s Day. I casually took him to the MAC store while we were at the mall and fawned over all the things that I really wanted. I was hoping that he’d get the hint and get me what I had not so subtly admired. On the day, he showed up with flowers and no MAC bag. Apparently I’m pretty enough and don’t need any makeup.


4. Surprise:

‘My 30th birthday was around the corner, I wasn’t feeling very celebrative & kept telling my boyfriend that I wanted an intimate, simple and relaxed night. He told me that he had something amazing planned for us, and I was hoping that it was tickets for a play that I had been dying to see. It turned out to be a full-blown surprise party with 50 guests. He thought I was joking about wanting a quiet night and he couldn’t have been more wrong.’


So ladies, if you think that hints are a failsafe way to ensure getting what you want, think again! Avoid the disappointment of a crappy gift and instead of breaking up with the stupid guy who couldn’t take a simple hint, be direct and ask him to get you a Zokudo e-gift card. With so many brands and experiences at your disposal, you’ll be the one making the best choice.


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