Gifts that a Capricorn can’t resist

Your friend’s birthday is around the corner? We’re here to help because we know all the things that Capricorns love!

It’s officially Capricorn season. It’s the time of the year which is solely dedicated to the celebration of these awesome bunch of individuals. And we’re here to decipher the science behind getting the Capricorn in your life the perfect birthday gift.


While Capricorns tend to be very generous with their loved ones, when it comes to their own needs they can be stingy. Therefore, by giving them a surprise gift, you’ll surely end up in their good books. But tread with care. This might turn into a nightmare for you if you don’t have it all planned out. Here’s a guide on what to gift the special Capricorns in your life.

  • Walk in their shoes

Capricorns do not enjoy unreal ideas or inane dreams. The perfect gift should address a certain purpose in their life. You can’t just get away with buying the first thing that catches your eye. It has to serve an objective and impress them at the same time. Talking about useful things, why not get a Clarks eGift card? It has the style, the value and the practicality that a Capricorn looks for in a gift.


  • Jewels that speak their language

Capricorns are practical beings. This might make them sceptical about getting too much jewellery. But they’ll still enjoy the suspense of opening a luxurious jewellery box. After all, who doesn’t appreciate the gorgeous attributes of precious stones? Try getting a JQ Jewel eGift card for them and watch them light up with joy as they choose their perfect and elegant birthday gift.


  • Just splurge on

The realistic nature of a Capricorn often limits their personal spending habits. They believe in spending less on themselves and more on others. So while you’re on the Capricorn pampering train, you might want to take the Zokudo stop and get them a Van Heusen eGift card. When they receive this, they will be so excited because it’s something they wouldn’t typically splurge on for themselves.


  • Or, just play along

Capricorns are generally highly successful, over-achievers with a go-getter attitude. Nothing is impossible for them, especially because they are willing to put in the efforts to get there. In fact, Capricorns make the sky seem a little less far away. So these victors deserve the best of everything, don’t you agree? We have the perfect Ping Golf eGift card that you can buy for these pros.


  • Bag full of happiness

Capricorns are all about precision and practicality. They do not indulge in pointless extravaganza; they want gifts that serve a purpose. So imagine them actually using the product before you buy it. For a fashion savvy Capricorn, a handbag would be the perfect gift as it is useful as well as exciting to receive. A Hidesign eGift card is what you’re looking for if you wish to impress them.


  • Peace of mind

Capricorns try to move slowly in order to make the soundest decisions. They believe in analysing their moves before they make them. This requires focus and attention on a deeper level. They’re the harmless creatures who believe in being patient and working towards their goals. This is why you should get a The Yoga Loft eGift card for them and send them on a much needed spiritual journey for their birthday.


  • Watch what you’re gifting!

No list of gifts for Capricorns is complete if it does not include a watch. Become their favourite person with a Fossil eGift card that would go perfectly with their overly organised lifestyle. A Capricorn would never say no to a great watch. So your job is done without any hassle!


We know they can be picky at times. But don’t break a sweat. Zokudo eGift cards come with the awesome feature of swapping. So even if they don’t like the gifts, you can still save the day by exchanging the brand for one of their favourites! Yes, it’s that simple.

So while you’re planning the surprise party, spare a few seconds and get them the best birthday gift they have ever received. You can thank us later.


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