Give it up for the Game of Gifts

After having spent a clegane amount of time glued onto our couches season after season. Winter has finally arrived in the land of Ice and Fire! Yes, the wait has been real – and we’ve been busy rooting for two very relentless formations – the nobilities at war aiming to snatch the crown and rule the land of Westeros, and whimsical presents battling it out for the gilded throne of House Zokudo. If swords were switched for ornate pens and dragons were traded for three-course Michelin star dinners, how would the characters plot their ways? What would conversations be like? Who do you think would nail the Game of Gifts? Let’s get to it – and may the gods be good!

  • Jon Snow

‘You think I know nothing about Cavalli? I didn’t come back to life to gift anyone a book on the Long Night!’

  • Cersei

‘If I can blow up the Great Sept of Baelor, what’s another of Jaime’s thoughtless birthday presents? When you play the game of gifts, you either send out an eGift card of Hakkasan or you die.’

  • Bran Stark

‘I always happen to give the best gifts – like writing instruments by Montegrappa – I can’t do it by choice. I don’t know how. It happens in my dreams.’

  • Daenerys Targaryen

‘I’ve finally made it to Dragonstone with my fire blowing babies and mighty ships. I can’t wait any longer to break the wheel with a bag from Bottega Veneta.’

  • Sam

‘I stole the key to read more about the art of gifting – and all the pages flipped in one direction: Art. A gorgeous piece from Tao coming straight up!’

  • Sansa Stark

‘I just out-Cercei’d Cersei in my new look and I’ve never been more obsessed with gorgeous hair! How about a salon experience at Warren Tricomi for an eGift?’


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