Hilarious Christmas Gift Requests That Will Crack You Up

So Christmas is right around the corner and the festivities are about to begin. After all, it’s that time of the year where we’re all high on the holiday spirit and hope. The hope of receiving Christmas gifts – things we’ve been yearning for, lusting after or just plain desperate to get our hands on. And in an attempt to receive them, we’ve all made and shared these Christmas wish lists to the Santa’s in our lives – be it a boyfriend, mother or husband etc.


Zokudo decided to find out what some of the most outrageous, funny, weird and outright ridiculous gift request these proverbial ‘Santas’ have received along with their hilarious responses. Here are a few of the craziest ones.

Greedy Girlfriend – ‘Cash’

I know she hates my taste in EVERYTHING but don’t you think she’s taking it a little too far? I understand that Christmas is about ‘giving’ but why would I give my girlfriend money? That just made me feel super weird!


Insensitive Husband – ‘A Vacation Without You And The Kids’

Is he for real? Why should I be stuck with the kids throughout the holidays? They’ll be at home, in my hair all the time and wired up from all the Christmas candy. And what kind of husband would want to leave his wife and kids during the holidays? I’m the one who does all the work. Maybe I should go instead!


Annoying Wife – ‘The exact shade of pink lipstick that Ash wears in ADHM’

I thought that she was kidding at first! I had no idea what movie she was talking about and honestly, even if I did what on earth do I know about lipsticks? I can barely tell one makeup product apart from the other, let alone identify a SHADE of pink! She’s being ridiculous if she’s really serious.


Teenage Boy With No Game – ‘A girlfriend’



Optimistic Daughter: ‘The iPhone 7’

Initially I agreed and told her that if even she fall down and hears a crack, to pray that it’s her leg and not her new phone! Then I realised how expensive it was and told her that I’ll buy her ice cream instead! She wasn’t happy is an understatement.


Needless to say that none of them are ever getting the gifts they requested! So we decided to play the role of Santa’s little helpers. To help remove these poor gifters from their precarious positions, we suggested Zokudo gift cards for their loved ones. Because hey, these ridiculous wish lists might not come true, but at least they’ll have the gift of choice.


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