Holiday eGifting-Done-Right with Zokudo

Well who said picking out a statement-making holiday gift was a piece of cherry? You know you’re in the midst of a ‘let’s not get the girlfriend furious’ season that demands a few strings to your gifting game.

There’s always a tasteful eAlternative for the rescue that fixes hours of contemplation, and delivers bespoke experiences in less than half the time it’d take you to whip up breakfast! Zokudo offers you the chance to do that and much more. Here’s our checklist of haute-eGifts at Zokudo as key inspiration to add polish to your presents.

1) Make it luxurious, for your special someone!

gift Nordic Kandie chocolates

Hold on to the flan recipe Nigella Lawson patents with sweet-seduction when your wife arrives an hour early, with an internal ‘I told you so’ scoff to nudge you later after having spent time watching Modern Family instead of the oven. A Zokudo eGift card of Nordic Kandie promises an instant love-affair with Chocolat Delicatessen where Ecuadorian cacao beans luxuriate dark, white, and matcha for holiday-desserts-made-eChic!

2) The key to holiday grooming

Gentlemens Tonic

The holidays come with late-night cocktail parties, festive brunches, and impromptu high-teas – in abundance! Don’t let all the party hopping and hazy scotch moments get in the way of your boyfriend’s chiseled jawline. A Traditional Wet Shave at Gentlemen’s Tonic will leave him looking swankier than ever with an exclusive Zokudo eGift card. You could also throw in a Hair Relaxing Treatment to add to his experience!

3) That’s how she glitters


From luxurious detailing, to textured ensembles, this season’s style check looks sophisticated and holiday-ready! Toss the passé perfume for diamonds to elevate your sister’s prowess to mix-and-match her pieces. Earrings from the Martini Collection of Jewels By Queenie or Exquisite Jewelry set in gold with diamonds from Festive Collection of Amaris is one striking eGift that will make her lead the fashion pack!

4) Walk him a mile in luxury

Heel and Buckle

We hope you’re aware that if you ruffle up a few ribbons holding yet another photo frame, your colleague will have to pretend to have misplaced it – something the intern would pretend to like when he gets it for next year’s secret Santa – Hint much? Get him an eGift card of Heel and Buckle where he can pick Classic Patent Oxfords that are crafted to perfection – a transitional pair that’ll effortlessly take him from the boardroom to the Gin bar.

5) Raise a fork to fine-living


For gourmands who fuss over perfection and appreciate authenticity, treat their holiday senses to a Michelin starred culinary extravaganza where they won’t be served Vietnamese delights masquerading as Cantonese. With a Zokudo eGift card of Hakkasan, let them dive into the mouth-watering Peking duck with Ossetra caviar, with a delicious Pink Mao Mao to wash it down!

The season certainly looks dazzling with luxe holiday gifts now, doesn’t it?


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