How February went down for the single souls

“The roses are dying
The violets are crying
I like being single
Because love is annoying”

Those were the wise words uttered just after Valentine’s Day by a great man who was, indeed, single. So what is it that singles hate? The couples posting lovey-dovey pictures on social media? Or the relatives who keep asking when are you tying the knot? Maybe both? But there’s one thing that singles hate the most. The tragic month of February.


Every freaking thing is about love in the month of February. The weather, the sunlight, the air, everything is infused with love and it is highly annoying for the struggling single souls. We know how difficult it is for these warriors to battle single-hood in the month of love and we have the perfect February hangover cure for them!

  • Chocolate is the answer, whatever be the question

Who said chocolate is only for the love birds who are high on love? Singles deserve chocolates just as much. And De’Arco chocolatier eGift card is the perfect gift that would make any single forget about the loneliness and all the Valentine’s vibes.


  • It’s about spending some quality time

Spend the day at L’Occitane Spa with a Zokudo eGift card for a soulful experience that will rejuvenate your mind. This will help you in getting your inner self refreshed and ready for the field once again. You can then test your moves with some fresh pickup lines. How about that?


  • A wardrobe makeover is all you need

No matter what they say, looks do matter. The way you present yourself to the world is important, not to get attention, but to actually feel good about yourself. And singles need this more than anyone. So the singles should head for a makeover with a Bombay shirt company eGift card and adopt a new look today.


  • A good hair month

Good hair cures everything. When you look good, you feel good and that’s what the singles need in February. Warren Tricomi is something that will definitely help during this time. Get ready to break some hearts with your new haircut.


  • Solo tripping

Travelling is the best thing you can do to find some peace in this chaotic month. Especially solo. It will give you time to feel freaking awesome! If you’re annoyed by the borderline disgusting pictures of couples taking romantic vacations, you now have your own Album of Amazing. A Thomas Cook eGift card is what will be perfect for the single souls.


So quit whining and embrace your singlehood! Zokudo is the ultimate way to celebrate singlehood. And be single and proud!


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