6 out-of-the-box gifts for newly-weds

With all of your favorite love birds tying the knot ever-so-quickly, catching up with them can be a task from hell, especially when you’re left with advance wish lists, things they want you to get for them in the guise of expensive blessings – verrry expensive blessings – and a string of shopping trips to clock around the block, and beyond. Zokudo is making it easy peasy by giving you access to the best wedding gifts along with most coveted labels and experiences that you send across via SMS and email, so you don’t have to budge an inch and have it delivered within a matter of nano-seconds. Plus, eGift cards that are way out of the ordinary, so they can think of you fondly each time they whip out their fancy bags, or recollect their dining adventures. Here’s 6 of our hottest wedding gift ideas:

best brand for ladies shoes

  • Gift the lovely couple a helicopter ride by sending them a ChaloPicnic egift card in Mumbai.

Helicopter ride in Mumbai

bottega-veneta bags for men and women

eGift card for Worship Salon

Armani Exchange eGift Card

  • Send the new wed couple a Hakkasan egift card and let them enjoy a one-of-a-kind Michelin star dining affair.

Hakkasan in Mumbai


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