The ‘Not-so-special’ occasions that deserve a gift

So it’s a bright, sunny morning and you are sipping your coffee in peace, when suddenly your phone rings. It’s your best friend and the moment you pick up the call, they start whining about having the worst day ever, even though the day has just started. Now you have to endure the whole conversation while your coffee gets cold and your perfect morning gets filled with complaints. But being the kind hearted friend that you are, you can’t bear to see them cry and immediately think of ways to cheer them up. Well, we have just the right thing for you. Go online, check out and pick out a n e-Gift card that will brighten their day. Who says gifts are only meant for special occasions? True gift is the one that brings a smile on someone’s face and your friend deserves just that.

Read on to find out what gift to get them when they say

  • ‘I broke up’

Even though you knew this was coming, offer your heartfelt sympathies to your BFF because well, they’re your BFF. And it’s important that you stand by them in their difficult times. So after the ‘He’s not the one for you’ and ‘You deserve much better’, you run out of things to say. That’s when you treat them to a Zokudo eGift card for JCB or Spa L’Occitane so they can get some much need TLC.


  • ‘The laundry guy messed up my favourite shirt’

Now that’s something completely out of any of our hands. It was probably the most expensive shirt they had and now it’s ruined because the laundry guy was way too careless. Yes, it’s the end of the world for them. So they need something that would take their minds off the ruined shirt. A Bombay Shirt Company eGift card from Zokudo would be the perfect way to save the day.


  • ‘I hate Mondays’

Everyone suffers from chronic Monday blues. And contrary to popular belief, coffee is not the best cure. So when the weekend afterglow fades away, your BFF deserves a present in their inbox first thing in the morning to brighten up their Monday. Head to Zokudo and buy them a Nordic Kandie eGift card from Zokudo to sweeten their Monday morning.


  • ‘My boss hates me’

You definitely know someone whose day was ruined by their boss. We’ve all been through it. No matter how careful we’ve been, we are bound to piss him off at some point. It’s unavoidable. So turn that frown on your friend’s face into a smile by getting them a Truefitt and Hill eGift card from Zokudo so that they can take their mind off work.


  • ‘The new city is scary’

So your best friend finally took the leap and moved to a new city. But she’s scared as hell about living alone. Who wouldn’t be? So how about you send her a Global Desi eGift card for a wardrobe transformation and encourage her to chase her dreams.


  • ‘I dropped my phone’

Fact: Every two out of five iPhone users end up with broken screens. Even though we just made up that fact, we all know that one friend who broke their phone screen and it was worse than having an actual heartbreak. While you can’t buy them a new phone (duh!), you can definitely buy them a GAS eGift card so that they can splurge on themselves to take their mind off the horrific accident.


  • ‘I can’t believe they killed him’

All the Game of Thrones fans know what we’re talking about, right? There is nothing as painful as the horror of dealing with the death of your favourite character. And cheering up such fans can be equally disastrous. But not if you have Zokudo with you. Gift them an adventure from Tao experiences to distract them from all the deaths happening in the fictional world.


  • ‘The hangover is killing me’

So they went to a crazy party last night, which they remember nothing about and now they’re paying for it. It’s just impossible for them to function like an adult today. So gift them the perfect hangover cure which is a Hakkasan eGift card and send them on a culinary voyage to one the best restaurant in town.


Whatever may be the situation, we have a gift for you. Head over to Zokudo and pick a gift for your distressed friend to see them smiling again. Happy Gifting!


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