The Perfect Gifting Makeover for your Diwali

The arrival of Diwali is accompanied by the anticipation of festivities and more importantly, lots of gifts! Whether young or old, every Indian eagerly looks forward to kick back and get into celebration mode. It is tradition to pamper and be pampered by loved ones by way of affection, good food and lots of presents.

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As per true Indian style, going all out during the holiday season is something that we’re hardwired to do. Whether it’s meticulously planning out each outfit for the parties and get-together, or getting a grand makeover to look perfect for the festivities, it’s something we all painstakingly do. While you’re scheduling your manicures and spa treatments, here’s how you can also give a makeover to your gifting habits with Zokudo.

Brands that speak your language: An individual’s taste is reflected by his choice of brands. What you wear reflects your style and defines you visually. Gift the luxury of choosing brands that compliment the receiver. With Zokudo’s exclusive festive collection, you are spoilt for choice.

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Spread the joy: The festival of lights brings us fun, laughter and lots of happiness which serves to remind us to be thankful for what we have. A wonderful way to add to the celebrations is by lighting up the face of someone less fortunate with a smile. Giving back by giving someone the Diwali they always dreamt of is another great way to celebrate.

Celebrate by donating your love and kindness and take the first step with Zokudo.

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Swap your worries away: Diwali is the annual harbinger of presents, love and laughter. While everyone is dropping subtle or not so subtle hints about their Diwali wish list, you have to be a mind reader to actually get gifting right. But with Zokudo’s swap feature, you can gift the freedom to exchange unwanted presents for things that will hold a special and useful place in their hearts.

Gift registry to the rescue: Who doesn’t love surprises? Everyone! Getting the perfect gift right is a rare event. Why go through the trouble of even thinking up something unique and special when you can choose from a customised wish list? With Zokudo’s unique feature of gift registry, you can register online and surprise someone just the way they want.


If your loved ones are fed up of those cliched gifts, here’s the perfect way to turn those frowns upside down! Give them the Diwali presents that they always dreamt of and see them smile! Seeing your loved ones elated with their gifts, well that’s the ultimate present!

This Diwali, bring smiles with the gifts you give. Celebrate the holiday season with love wrapped in a Zokudo eGift card.


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