The ultimate festive gift guide: For the luxe Business woman

She reigns the corporate empire, embellishes her gait with sky-high pumps, lines her pout with a glamorous tint, and loves to sip on her tipple of Eau de Vie!

You might have gauged the woman who is cut throat when it comes to acing business choices, but it is’t as easy as it may seem to pick out the perfect holiday gift for the business lady who has a knack for the finer things in life. To make it your cup of tea, we’ve tastefully put together the ultimate festive gift guide that promises you a ‘Thank You’ card in return!

1) The luxury bag prowess

The luxury bag prowess

As she struts her way through office corridors, take a look at the bag she’s wearing -It will spell her penchant for exquisite craftsmanship and classic style, a statement that deserves a spot on the ever-chic and functional style cue. An eGift card with Pazzion Fabulously You will make sure that the lucky lady picks a bag that will be synonymous with uncompromising and unparalleled craftsmanship, something that will make for a perennial style staple in her corporate closet!

2) All things delicious: Organic beauty picks

All things delicious: Organic beauty picks

Healthy, gorgeous skin will forever remain in vogue for the woman who goes that extra mile to treat her skin with some tender love and care. L’Occitane en Provence gathers the finest quality ingredients, sumptuous scents, and cutting edge science to create products that marry the virtues of beauty with superior skincare to perfectly tend to her beauty needs.

3) The enviable celebrity haircut

The enviable celebrity haircut

Her tresses are proof enough that she invests a fortune in getting them styled by the creme de la creme of salon flamboyance! From Nicole Scherzinger’s bombshell waves, to Ivanka Trump’s ever-changing coiffure, Warren Tricomi has redefined the way women across the globe perceive luxury when it comes to maintaining their strands, an experience that makes for a festive present!

4) Artsy expressiveness

Artsy expressiveness

Art undeniably invokes the need to re-decorate each time you come across a creation that distracts you from the ordinary, especially during the holiday season! Let her cherry-pick a piece of artistic creativity from a juxtaposition of a wide range of art expression with an eGift from Tao-a uniquely conceptualized pathway to art.

5) A trip straight to serenity

A trip straight to serenity

A ‘to-do’ list might seem like the center of her universe, and fortunately for the festive season, you can gift her all the tranquility she deserves! The best of International wellness experiences at Ananda – A destination Spa, will envelop her in ultimate luxury as she indulges her senses amidst the majestic Himalayas.

Pick your choicest brand from the above assortment to put an end to that gifting dilemma this Diwali!


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