These Stories Will Make Your Heart Melt

There is no better way to show someone that you know them, love them and appreciate them than by showering them with gifts. And it’s not just any gift but right one that counts.

Here are some stories shared by our readers about the most memorable gifts that they have ever received. Get the tissues out because this one’s sure to be a mush fest.

1. The Thoughtful

‘I have a really stressful job with usually 9 hour work days. I also have the added pressure of managing the house and taking care of the kids. For my birthday, my husband did the sweetest thing ever! He bought a vacation to Thailand for me and my sisters so that we could have a girl’s trip, catch up and unwind. It made me feel so appreciated and loved.’ – Relaxed Mom


2. The Brave

‘I’m a self-confessed adrenalin junkie, and my wife is the absolute opposite; I love to jump off things, she prefers to stay safely on land. On a long weekend, she booked us for a three-day getaway filled with all sorts of adventure sports. Rather than discouraging my passion, she chose not just to encourage but also put aside her fears and participate!’ – Thrill Seeker


3. The Kind

‘I love being pampered, but being in college, I don’t always have the luxury to indulge myself. For my birthday, my best friends all chipped in and gifted me the ombre hair highlight treatment I was lusting after, and that too at one of the best salons in Mumbai. It really made me feel special!’ – Hair Devil


4. The Generous

‘I’m always complaining about how I have nothing to wear. Well I’m a woman, so I’m allowed to. Instead of pointing out the abundance of outfits in my closet, my boyfriend very generously took me shopping and got me the dress & shoes that I’d been lusting after since a month.’ – Shopaholic


5. The Loving

‘I love to cook and I’m constantly on the hunt for new recipes, follow cooking shows religiously and try out any and all the restaurants that I can. My husband isn’t a foodie in particular, but indulged me with an amazing present on our anniversary. He booked us for a one on one cooking lesson with a celebrity chef! It was one of my favorite gifts ever!’ – Foodie


Is your heart melting like ours did?

Loving someone and appreciating them means also showing them that you do. It’s not the gift but the memory that will remain. Visit and find the perfect gift for your loved one. With our variety of brands, experiences and the ability to swap between them, they’ll be spoilt for choice.


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