Valentine’s Day Can Be Tough But Gifting Doesn’t Have To

Valentine’s Day is cheesily exciting, but between having to worry about your relationship status, your plans, and your outfit, you also have to think about the most important aspect of this day – the gift! This is something that we all struggle with. Should you get your new love an extravagant diamond piece? Well, maybe not, as it might backfire on you and ultimately scare them off. Then again, if you’re dating since eternity and decide to gift them a single rose, best of luck my friend! Yes, there’s such a thing as doing too much, and then doing too little, but this greatly depends on what stage your relationship is in.

So what’s the most stage appropriate gift that will be well-received by your significant other without jeopardizing your relationship? Here’s our Valentine’s Day gift guide:

  • The Crush:

The crush is possibly the most nerve-wracking stage of liking someone. What’s not to love about the exciting chase, the butterflies in your tummy, and the hope of getting to be with that special someone? There’s pretty much no better time to show your crush that you like them than on Valentine’s Day. We suggest going old school and taking them on a dinner date with an egift card for Yauatcha from Zokudo over which you can tell them how you feel.


  • The Denial:

No matter how obvious it is to the world, you’re still under the impression that no one knows about your secret relationship. While you’re happy being in your bubble, Valentine’s is a day when you freely enjoy your partner’s company without the gossipy whispers of the world. So why not take a vacation with a Thomas Cook egift card from Zokudo and go on a romantic trip this Valentine’s Day.


  • The Newbie:

If you’re in a new relationship, and this is the first time in a long time you’re going to have a date on Valentine’s Day, you might be stressing out a little. But stop. Breathe. You can go with something as simple as chocolates! We suggest getting an eGift card of Nordic Kandie from Zokudo which offers 17 different flavours of heavenly goodness for your partner to indulge on.


  • The ‘Like’ phase:

So you haven’t yet said the L-word but you’ve been dating for a while. This is the carefree phase of your relationship where you’re just enjoying each other’s company. So in this case your gift should express how much you like your partner, without getting yourself into the over-the-top grand gestures category. That’s why, a Spa L’OCCITANE eGift card from Zokudo would be an ideal gift for your partner.


  • The ‘totally in love’ phase

At this point, people consider you and your significant other as a unit. He or she is your support system, your 2 am listener, your everything! They are always there for you. So your gift should show how much you love your partner. We suggest going all out and treating that special someone to a much deserved spa vacation with an Ananda egift card from Zokudo.


  • The ‘together forever’

You’re usually greeted with the ‘when are you tying the knot’ question at social gatherings. You guys are in it for the long haul and there’s no limits when it comes to thoughtful gifting. At this stage, the presents that make an impact are ones that go above and beyond any regular Valentine’s Day gifts. We would recommend a Jewels by Queenie eGift card for this special day.


So before you forget, order your Valentine’s Day gifts for the love of your life and celebrate being together with Zokudo’s special Valentine’s e-gift cards.


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