Women are exclusive, darling!

I’m off to a fitting, and then out with the ladies who lunch, but let me hold you for a wee bit and spill some beans of life! Look, I love drama and I’m not afraid of living it – especially when it shines on a solitaire, or the buttons of my shirt-dress. I like to fuss over soufflé, and ask for an extra chunk of my favorite praline for dessert – I know you’re probably rolling your eyes in the comfort of your chair, but the concept of a ‘gal tryin’ to indulge a little’ isn’t half as bad, not especially after having walked a mile in heels that kill, working with a team of visionaries, and listening to ‘the one who’d rip me if I mentioned her’ mope about her broken lash curler for days! There’s just so much more that happens round the clock that it feels like, like you’re being FLUNG OFF THE FERRIS WHEEL – okay, I told you I have a thing for drama – But banter for later, it does get tough, you know?

I just had a cute little wedding, very intimate, to the man who calls himself ‘the charmer’ – and when THAT happens to you, you grab a drink, chill by the window, and try to get your head around the pace at which your life is running lose. On one hand, you’ve got dreams to inspire a million through your work, work that keeps you awake several nights (thank god for concealers, really!), and on the other, you’ve just transitioned from single to hitched, which is way tougher than day-to-night styling- trust me.

I love to fix my man some coffee and help him make breakfast early in the morning, I guess it’s become our thing – which means waking up a tad earlier than usual, anticipating a day with round the clock meetings starting 9AM, a quick ride to the parents with flowers once through ( Monday rituals, I tell ya!), drive back home, dinner plans as he picks a movie, fix your hair, work your lipstick, make a few phone calls, get out, get back home, and 3 sleepless hours of strategy conceptualizing – easy?

The secret recipe to me not dying with such an influx of events consists of post-its – the notes-to-self kinds! Tend to your whims, splurge a little, take care of yourself and feel special – always. After all, you live only once! It also gets better when your childhood sweetheart, ‘the charmer’ leaves no gift-box unpacked. Something tells me that he has started to care for me a lot more than he used to – I guess it’s all the coffee that I fix him – the best he’s ever had, he claims, or the way I go through life – busy but fabulous! Oh, did I tell you about how he kept me waiting for a wedding present – until after dinner when he said he’d gift me something in a magical second, and bam, I get a text with a Zokudo eGift card of Nordic Kandie marzipans – treats that begun it all!


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