Zokudo – A little piece of history behind all things luxe

Lady legacy is known to dream up every experience – a sense of timelessness, something that transports you back a few years – or centuries. With tales that etch a journey, ours started on a rather lavish note. A modernist solution to gifting ordeals, Zokudo gathered your cravings and ePacked them with brands that hit the premium button – a fresh story that marked gen next with an effortless space for luxe eGifting. With luxury instilled in our very essence, sharing experiences of the choicest labels was top priority – labels that boast fascinating histories of their own.

A collection of thoughts is best preserved with a tool that bespeaks history. With a hundred and four years of Italian genius in writing instruments, Montegrappa seeks inspiration from baroque structures to cultural heritage, and has made way into the hearts of prominent individuals like Vladamir Putin, His Holiness John Paul II, His Majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain, Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Banderas, Michael Jackson and Naomi Campbell, often with bespoke offerings. The historic Montegrappa building on the bank of the River Brenta still stands sublime like it were 1912 in the town of Bassano del Grappa.


Looking for the classic English shoe that fits? With roots that date back to 1675, Church’s shoes seize classic elegance, making for the ultimate pairs to own. The founder, Thomas Church, who inherited his grandfather’s craft of master-shoe making, set up his first workshop in Northampton in 1973– a step that quickly made waves in Europe with some of his most celebrated designs of all time, taking over the world thereafter. Taking about eight weeks and more than two hundred and fifty hours of manual craftsmanship, these shoes truly redefine attention to detail and peerless quality.


Nothing gets more New York that SJP strutting her pumps on the street, with hair that looks expensive! Much behind the celebrity-favourite Warren Tricomi haircuts lies the talent of Legendary Stylist, Edward Tricomi and Celebrity Colorist, Joel Warren who started their salon in mid-town Manhattan in 1990 –with exclusive services like haircuts, bridal style cues, rich colors, and bespoke hair treatments. Initially scouted by Vogue Editor, Polly Mellon, the duo is a New York Fashion Week, and Red Carpet staple, often featured by Vogue, Elle, and the New York Times. From fashion shoots in Paris, collaborations with designers like Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent, to working with esteemed photographers like Irving Penn and Helmut Newton, a world of repute precedes the label.

Warren tricomi

You know you’ve made it when you own a swanky pair of golf gear. Hailing from beachy California, Callaway Golf company not only rules the roost in terms of the highest golf club production in the world, featuring its exquisite gear in over 70 countries, but also has a string of loyalists like Justin Timberlake and Arnold Palmer to boot the bow. The brainchild of Ely Callaway Jr. took his love for the sport to creating an empire – a long way since 1982 where it all started.


The true mark of a gentleman is immaculate grooming – something William Francis Truefitt, revered as ‘Court hair dresser’ redefined in 1805, sprucing vanity with legendary barbering services and products, and developing a heritage. Not only has the brand had the honor of servicing the Monarch of Great Britain, it’s been mentioned in the pages of Charles Dickens’ novels, and holds the title of ‘Oldest Barbershop in the World’ by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2014. Truefitt & Hill brings the charm of Mayfair to your ideal man-beauty experience with services like the Royal Shave, Deluxe Facials, and the Traditional Cut Throat Shaving Class – along with fancy shaving, hair care, and face and body products.

Truefitt and Hill

There’s only so much history can spell out, but again, there’s always that experience that holds the magic.


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