HelpAge India
Sometimes, we give more at the gates of religion, yet forget the very hands that rocked our cradles and those who gave us unconditional love. Sometimes, we forget that serving our parents is a higher act of giving, than worshipping idols. Sometimes, one’s very ownleave elderly parents suffering from memory loss, out in the markets, hoping they’ll never come back home. Today, 30 million elderly in India live alone; 12 million are blind because they cannot afford a cataract surgery; 55 million sleep hungry. Since 1978, HelpAge India has been striving hard to provide dignified lives to such needy elderly. A secular, nonprofit organisation,HelpAge protects the rights of India’s elderly, provides relief through various interventions to serve the needs of the aged in a holistic manner so as to make significant changes in their lives.Recognized for its financial transparency and programme delivery, HelpAge endeavors to make this world happier for India’s parents in their twilight years—providing crucial healthcare services and livelihood support. Please Contribute Today. You have the power to transform a life.
MSF has worked in India since 1999, providing free of charge essential healthcare to people in remote areas, and specialist care for people affected by HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, kala azar and malnutrition. We also respond to natural disasters and other emergencies, provide mental healthcare, and lobby for the development of more effective and cheaper medicines to improve access to treatment for people everywhere. MSF currently runs projects in the states of Bihar, Manipur, Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Telangana. In 1996, MSF received the India Gandhi for Peace, Disarmament and Development, and in 1999 MSF was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
H M Charitable Trust
Education arouses curiosity in child’s mind and creates interest for higher learning. Timely financial assistance is essential for sustaining child’s interest in education. As we preferred to make efforts to impact the lives of youngsters we chose education. The principal objective of the trust is to give help to Students in the form of scholarship, free-ship, prizes and free books and to establish and support educational institutions for the benefit of students with less privileged backgrounds. One of the key attributes of the trust is to take these bright children and make them self-reliant, while instilling in them an urge to serve the society. HMCT aims to reach-out to as many children as possible per year.