Why Zokudo
Pressed for time and need the perfect gift for a special someone? Fret no more! Zokudo.com has a unique online solution for all your gifting problems.

Zokudo allows you to purchase an eGift card from a host of lu xury and premium brands experiences, and send it to anyone you please at that very instant via eMail and SMS. We make gifting quick and easy, offering eGift cards of brands and experiences that deliver the best in fashion, spa, beauty, sports, adventure, dining and more. These eGift cards are easy to redeem at a number of authorized brand store locations across India.

Two other extremely unique features to this gifting platform are Group Gifting that allows multiple people to contribute to one gift, and Gift Registry that gives you a chance to decide what brands you want to be gifted on any occasion.

Too good to be true? Take a look at how both the gifter and the recipient benefit with Zokudo.com.
Gifter Benefits
Saves Time and Effort
You can plan and schedule an unlimited number of eGift cards with one instruction and one payment process, there by reducing accounting hassles and saving time.
Offers a Wider Choice
Zokudo enables a wider choice of authentic luxury and premium brands and experiences across a wide range of categories.
Swap Your Brand
Never worry about your gift going unused as the recipient has the option to switch to the brand of their choice.
Concierge Service
Zokudo acts as a free gifting concierge for individuals and corporates. It enables them to structure and plan their ad-hoc and annual gifting.
Unlimited Applications
Zokudo presents unique and attractive gifting options, apt for any event of giving incentives, commissions, bonuses et al to your employees, partners or business associates.
Group Gifting
Come together with your friends or family and send one eGift card to someone on their special day.
Gift to Charity
Zokudo is the first website of its kind that allows a gifter to donate to the charitable organization of his choice on behalf of the recipient.
100% Secured
Zokudo is a RBI-approved, DISA certified and PCI compliant platform. Gifter, recipient and gift card information is fully confidential and secured.
Recipient Benefits
Choose Your Product
Every recipient can choose products of their choice from the brand’s outlet.
Swap Your Brand
Every recipient can swap the eGift card for any other participating brand of their choice instantly.
Never have to worry about receiving counterfeit goods as all products are issued by the brands themselves.
Offers Store Benefits
The gift card holder can avail of all benefits available at the brand outlet, be it promotions or a range of fresh stock.
Is fully Safe and Secure
Each transaction conducted is secured by the RBI. 100% safety guaranteed.
Offers Guaranteed Redemption
As Zokudo is RBI-approved; you are guaranteed redemption and no disappointment at the point of sale.
Has Long Validity
The eGift card is valid for a period of 6 months within which it can be redeemed by the card holder.
Gift Registry
Zokudo introduces India's first Gift Registry concept. Recipients can now ensure that they get the gift that they want on their special day.
Gift your loved ones an eGift card of their favorite brand or experience today!